Full-Stack Software Engineer, Designer, and salsa dancer.
Photograph of sky by Lydia Gregory

If you’re familiar with my background, you know that software engineering was not always on the horizon for me. As a Cognitive Science major in undergrad, I took classes like Sociolinguistics, Philosophy of Happiness and Rational Choice, and Brain Systems Involved in Memory. …

Types of Positioning: Static, Relative, Absolute, Fixed, Sticky

Positioning lets you take specific elements our of the normal document flow and change their behavior. Below is guide on how each one works, with examples to boot.


The CSS code looks pretty similar regardless of the type of positioning your design requires:

.positioned {
position: relative…

While it’s easier (and better practice) to design and style your app for various screen sizes from the beginning, it IS possible to add responsive design to your projects after you’ve begun. Want to retroactively add responsiveness to an existing app? Here are 6 tips to get you started.

Small egg, big egg
Learn how to scale your websites for various screen sizes



bouncing arrow animation from example code

If you’re familiar with my other writings or coding projects, you already know that styling is a source of joy. However, even while embracing CSS in all it’s complexity, I was still quite intimidated by animations until recently.

If you are like me, finally mustering the courage to tackle CSS…

Lydia Gregory

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